Table Gas Sets 11 Jun

Table Gas Sets

Japan Peace Charity Monthly Donation Schedule for Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

“Table Gas Sets”

Japan Peace Charity (JPC) provides Table Gas Sets to hundreds of Rohingya families in Camps in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh monthly. It is one of their daily necessities, so you can help Rohingya to fulfill their basic daily needs through JPC. You do not need to look at “Races” to help those minority people because they are one of the most persecuted groups in the world. They need your help at this moment. If one member of a family sends a donation to buy one Table Gas Set for Rohingya, that means we can save one family. Each Table Gas Set costs 100$. Thank you for your extending support.


Japan Post Bank:

Account Name:       (NPO) Japan Peace Charity

Account Number:   10580 – 95086211

Bank Account Information:

Bank Name:             Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Branch:                     Gyotoku

Account Type:          Saving Account (Futsu)

Account Number:    7259836

Account Name:           Japan Peace Charity

Swift Code:                  SMBCJPJT

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