About Us


The Japan Peace Charity (JPC) has been found in Sep 2017 in Japan with the primary mandate of supporting, enhancing, coordinating humanitarian different sectors for Rohingya in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh. Founder of Japan Peace Charity is a Rohingya Scholar who lives in Japan working for human rights for Refugees in Japan and working with International NGOs as collaboration to reach the Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazaar Bangladesh.

 To fulfill Rohingya’s needs in Cox’s Bazaar, JPC is working in corporation with Rohingya Woman Welfare Society as well for Rohingyas in Bangladesh that are initiatives in the most crowded camps and provide basic humanitarian needs to them in the fields.

May we request you to carefully study the corporation letter to understand the JPC’s evaluating guidelines, what JPC is working for, Rohingyas who are the most distressed human beings in the world at the moment to help and build a better society for them there.

Japan Peace Charity

Objectives and activities:

This organization aims to build a peaceful society for all people all over the world through:

1) Provide social support with international organizations for the affected and vulnerable in different regions in the world.

2) Securing a happy life and building human relationships through educational activities.

In order to achieve the objectives set forth in the preceding paragraphs, the Organization will endeavor to undertake the following non-profit activities:

  1. To spread peace and protect human rights.
  2. Cooperation activities with international organizations.
  3. Promotion activities for community education.
  4. Sports, artistic, cultural and scientific activities.
  5. Assistance activities for those affected by natural disasters.

This organization will undertake the following projects to achieve the desired objectives:

(1) Non-profit activities:

  1. Projects to assist and support refugees, orphans and the affected due to natural disasters or wars.
  2. Supportive contribution projects to the people who lives a difficult life all over the world.
  3. The need to accept volunteers for individual projects and human resource development.
  4. Collect and conduct research on refugee information and materials and related support and assistance.
  5. Build public relations and educate the community through permanent publications and publication within media.
  6. Exchange of information and cooperation with international organizations with the same objective as well as with the official authorities to achieve the sought goal.
  7. Funding collection activities for the projects mentioned above are from 1 and 6 as well as the following section, and building an emergency assistance team.
  8. Other projects to achieve the objectives of this organization.

(2) Profitability activities:

  1. Sell ​​items on occasions and celebrations.
  2. Publishing and printing.
  3. Manage events and celebrations.
  4. Real Estate Management.
  5. Human Resource Management.