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Support for Rohingya’s Students

Support for Rohingya’s Students

Dec 2018
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An Appeal to all people

Japan Peace Charity (JPC) has many Schools that provides free Education to Rohingya’s Children in the Camps of Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh where Japan Peace Charity needs your support to help in Student’s expenses such as Bags, Books, Stationery, and Food etc. monthly.  Approximately JPC needs your help for 2500 students, $ 10 for each student monthly. Our Campaign needs 25,000$ to provide Student’s support. Please support our Campaign to give a better support to Rohingya Children continuously in the Camps. We hope to give a better Education for them, which is the most important need for them. Rohingya’s Young Children are their Pillars and the future for their Community. Let us send Donations and help to bring a better future for Rohingya’s Children.  Thank you for your extending support.

Japan Post Bank:

Account Name:     (NPO) Japan Peace Charity

Account Number:  10580 – 95086211

Bank Account Information:

Bank Name:             Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Branch:                     Gyotoku

Account Type:          Saving Account (Futsu)

Account Number:    7259836

Account Name:         Japan Peace Charity

Swift Code:                SMBCJPJT

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Donation Total: $100.00