EMERGENCY RELIEF APPEAL For Rohingya Muslim Refugees 25 Jun

EMERGENCY RELIEF APPEAL For Rohingya Muslim Refugees

Due to the outbreak of COVID19, Bangladesh has imposed a lockdown housing more than a million Rohingya Muslims to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Refugees Camps, Bangladesh.
As new wave of poverty have emerged in the Camp. As we are in a time of crisis, we shouldn’t wait for Ramadan to distribute zakat or khairat.
We should follow the examples of our Sahabas who were ready to give there entire wealth in times of crisis and war. The situation in Camp is extremely bad due to lack of daily foods & medicine at the moment. JPC has been working in the Camp since Refugees arrived in 2017. So it’s an appeal to our brothers and sisters please to donate & feed the Rohingya Muslim Refugees in this hardship.
100% Donation to Feed Rohingya Victims.

You can save millions of people from hunger & PLEASE DONATE NOW

Transfer Account:
JP Bank Information: ( NPO ) Japan Peace Charity: 10580 – 95086211
Bank Name: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation ( SMBC), Branch: Gyotoku,
Account Type: Saving Account ( Futsu )
AC/No: 7259836, Account Name: ( NPO ) Japan Peace Charity

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