Support for Rohingya’s Orphans 11 Jun

Support for Rohingya’s Orphans

Support for Rohingya’s Orphans

A Short Appeal to all people

Japan Peace Charity (JPC) feeds 500 Rohingya Orphans monthly at the most crowded Camps of Cox’s Bazaar Bangladesh, which cost  11$ for each orphan. We need 5500$ to feed them monthly. If anyone wants to do good-deeds in life and earn rewards for feeding Orphans, you may send “SUPPORT” for them. There are thousands of Rohingya Orphans in the Camps, but whatever our Campaign can do and support, that is our best deeds for them. You can support them by sending Donations through Japan Peace Charity; we may send more aids for them.  Thank you for your extending support.

Japan Post Bank:

Account Number:    10580 – 95086211

Account Name:        (NPO) Japan Peace Charity

Bank Account Information:

Bank Name:             Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Branch:                    Gyotoku

Account Type:         Saving Account (Futsu)

Account Number:    7259836

Account Name:        Japan Peace Charity

Swift Code:               SMBCJPJT

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