Human Rights Protection and Peace Promotion

  • Conduct seminar on the plight of Myanmar’s Rohingyas and Kachins in Japan.
  • Provide life-saving humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees.
  • Engage in the well-being of minority community in Sri Lanka and escalate interfaith partnership.
  • Spread Hiroshima & Nagasaki’s bomb painful experiences to outside world to realize peace on earth.

International Cooperation Activities

  • Collaborate with renowned organizations worldwide working in peace building, conflict resolution, and non-violent anti-war activities.
  • Invite prominent peace advocates to participate in Symposiums/conferences/seminars in Japan on human rights issue.
  • Engage with Japanese government authorities (e.g. Ministry of Foreign
    Affairs, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Chiba Prefecture, The
    Ichikawa City etc.) for mutual cooperation to realize peace.

Social Education Promotion Activities

  • Provide Japanese style private tuition “Juku” in parallel with daytime school.
  • Free interactive English lessons to Japanese people to boost confidence in communicating in English.
  • Provide JPC scholarships and financial aids to needy Japanese students to continue their study.
  • Affordable kindergarten school establishment to support working parents.

Academic, Culture, Art and Sports Promotion Activities

  • Provide assistance to Japanese students to study abroad with preparation, scholarship opportunity, and enrollment.
  • Support cultural exchange program to prosper multicultural experiences.
  • Arrange Arabic calligraphy class to contribute in the field of art & culture.
  • Promote traditional Japanese sports (e.g. Judo, Karuta, Hanetsuki etc,) to foreign countries to experience Japanese culture, and vice versa.

Disaster Relief Activities

  • Support relief works in emergency situations (e.g. tsunami, earthquake, volcano eruption etc.) and cooperate with local governments to handle aftermath of natural disaster.
  • Encourage foreign community in Japan to participate in fire and evacuation drills proactively. Translate disaster time useful information in multi languages .
  • Spread Japan’s disaster management expertise to foreign countries vulnerable to natural disasters like earthquake, tsunami, typhoon etc.

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Rohingya news

3 yrs on, Rohingya refugee repatriation to Myanmar remains uncertain

DHAKA/YANGON (Kyodo) — The plight of Rohingya refugees living in squalid camps in Bangladesh continues as efforts to repatriate them to Myanmar have virtually stalled, with the world’s attention focused on the coronavirus pandemic. Three years ago on Tuesday, tens of thousands of people from the Muslim minority started fleeing their homes in the western…

Coronavirus hits Rohingya refugee camp

In the world’s largest refugee camp, where more than 800,000 people live in cramped conditions, a coronavirus crisis is threatening to become a humanitarian disaster. And it comes at the worst possible time: the peak of cyclone and monsoon season. NHK World correspondent Mochizuki Mami sat down with Louise Donovan, Public Information Officer from the…

First coronavirus case found in Rohingya camp

The UN refugee agency says the first coronavirus case has been found at a camp in southern Bangladesh for Rohingya Muslims who fled neighboring Myanmar. The office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees says one refugee was confirmed to be infected on Thursday at the camp in Cox’s Bazar. The agency says the person…

Support Rohingya Muslims

Campaign to help Rohingya Teachers for Rohingya Children

This Campaign we are fundraising to support School Teachers of running schools under Japan Peace Charity in Bangladesh near the Myanmar border in order to provide free education for Rohingya children many of whom are orphans. You have an opportunity to make a huge difference. Many of the children who live in camps for Rohingya…

EMERGENCY RELIEF APPEAL For Rohingya Muslim Refugees

Due to the outbreak of COVID19, Bangladesh has imposed a lockdown housing more than a million Rohingya Muslims to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Refugees Camps, Bangladesh. As new wave of poverty have emerged in the Camp. As we are in a time of crisis, we shouldn’t wait for Ramadan to distribute zakat…


Lives have been destroyed!! Over 50 peoples lost lives, hundreds of people injured, few Masjids burnt, shops burned down, houses are burned and destroyed. The situation is extremely dire and thousands are in trauma of arson, looting and vandalism. “The personal sacrifice of giving one’s possessions, no matter how small, for the sake of helping…



Rohingya’s living on sandcastles as monsoon rains hit brittle camps

Rohingya’s living on sandcastles as monsoon rains hit brittle camps

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Over 8,200 shelters have been damaged in just over two weeks, according to a Rohingya  interagency group coordinating efforts in…

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An urgent announcement from Japan Peace Charity is to you all

An urgent announcement from Japan Peace Charity is to you all

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The earthquake occurred Osaka on 18th June, which caused extremely damages in the state. So JPC will start supporting to…

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Support for Rohingya’s Students

Support for Rohingya’s Students

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An Appeal to all people Japan Peace Charity (JPC) has many Schools that provides free Education to Rohingya’s Children in…

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